Starter files for Wes Bos' React for Beginners course
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React For Beginners —

Starter files for the React For Beginners course. Come Learn React with me!

The code in this repo meant to be a reference point for anyone following along with the video course.

To Start

Note - One of the dependencies is Xcode. While installing, if you run into an error that says, gyp: No Xcode or CLT version detected! please do the following:

  1. Execute xcode-select --install in terminal.
  2. Delete the "node_modules" folder located within the "catch-of-the-day" folder.
  3. Execute npm install once more.

cd into catch-of-the-day and follow along with the videos

Each numbered folder in stepped-solutions contains the files for the beginning of each correspondingly numbered video, should you need them. So, if you need any code, pull the appropriate file into your catch-of-the-day folder.

You are welcome to submit Pull Requests but I'd like to keep the code as similar as possible to the course content.

Code Use

You are welcome to use this code in your own applications. If you would like to use it for training purposes, please shoot me a message first to make sure it's okay.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see the React tab in my dev tools

Restart your dev tools or your chrome browser entirely. They will only show up when you are viewing a React app - so make sure you test it on Facebook or another website that is running React. It won't work on your empty main.js file until you import React from 'react'.

npm start doesn't update the app on file save, or doesn't run correctly.

There may be a few different causes for this:

  • Webpack currently can't handle folder/file names that contain parentheses.
  • Webpack also has problems running inside folders for Dropbox/Google Drive type services. Git is recommended for keeping your files in sync across multiple computers.

I get permission_denied warnings in my console when setting up Firebase

Be sure to select "Realtime database" as as your database type inside Firebase. If you created your database as a Cloud Firestore type, you can change it in the Database tab.

I can't log in to the store after I deployed to Netlify/Apache

Firebase by default only allows logins from localhost or the Firebase website. You'll need to add your deploy URL to the Authorized Domains in the Sign-in method area of your Firebase console.

Changes In the 2018 RE-Record

In March 2018 I re-recorded this course. Here are the things that I've updated.

  • Upgrade to React Router 4 Final API
  • Use React 16.3
  • Move to external PropTypes Package
  • Use React's new Refs API, remove function refs
  • Remove all use of constructors and super() - use class properties instead
  • Better explain binding, use of this and component instances
  • Moved from React-addons-css-transition-group to react-transition-group and upgraded from 1.x to 2.x
  • Use official Firebase package for Auth as re-base is now only for data binding
  • Move promise based code to async/await
  • Show how to return multiple elements with React.Fragment


Here is the .htaccess file we use in the apache deployment video

RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.html$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.html [L]