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A bash script I use to watch for certain file extensions and move them from the Downloads directory to the appropriate home directory (Documents/Pictures/Videos).


  • inotify-tools
    • On Ubuntu and its derivatives: sudo apt install inotify-tools
  • rsync to move files and delete the source after


  • The bash script is available as Copy it wherever you'd like to keep the script.
  • A systemd unit configuration file, clean-docs.service, is also available. This must be copied to /etc/systemd/system/clean-docs.service. Configure the service environment variables to move different file extensions to different directories (source, destination, look_for).
    • Each configuration set can be a new .service file.
  • Since we have added or edited a service file, reload systemctl: systemctl daemon-reload
  • Enable the service to start on login automatically: systemctl enable clean-docs
  • Start now with systemctl start clean-docs.
  • Check logs (and test) with journalctl -u clean-docs --follow